Kit keen on marathon challenge

A Tasmanian dog-and-handler team will soon go up against competitors from across the country in a major working dog challenge.

Bree How and her three-year-old Kelpie Kit will represent Tasmania in this year’s Cobber Working Dog Challenge.

After taking part in the challenge in 2018, Miss How is keen to give it another go.

For the first time, the challenge will include New Zealand dogs competing against their Australian counterparts.

Each dog will wear a GPS collar to track how far, fast and for how long they work over a three-week period.

Now in its sixth year, the challenge will run from August 16 to September 5.

Each day of the competition, data is uploaded to the challenge website so fans can follow the performance of their favourite dogs and national team.

Three New Zealand and nine Australian dogs will compete.

New Zealand will be represented by three Heading Dogs – a new breed for the challenge that has historically been dominated by Kelpies, Border Collies and Coolies.

Miss How works as the sheep operations manager at Tunbridge property Annandale.

She bought Kit as a puppy and she is now her main dog.

“She’s very protective of me and her motorbike and she’s just a really good all-rounder,” she said.

Miss Bree said she was keen to see just how much work Kit will do over the three weeks.

“That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to compete because it’s really inserting to see just how much work they do for us,” she said.

Kit is the first dog Miss How has trained herself and she said she was looking forward to the challenge.

Kellie Savage, marketing manager, for Cobber dog food, said she was excited to have New Zealand on board for this year’s event.

“The three Kiwi competitors work in incredible landscapes and I think their dogs will cover impressive distances,” she said.

Visit follow the event or go on the Cobber Dog Facebook page.

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