All flavour but no booze

A BOUTIQUE distillery in the state’s South-East is riding the wave of growing consumer demand for zero-alcohol spirits.

Hellfire Bluff Distillery is bringing a unique local product to the Australian market with its new alcohol-free, distilled botanical beverage.

The product, Inspirit, was launched to coincide with Dry July.

Inspirit is a juniper-led drink, based on Hellfire’s traditional London Dry gin recipe.

However, the new product includes premium Tasmanian grown blackcurrants.

Inspirit has been crafted without alcohol used in the distillation process. Hellfire business manager Ruby Daly said it was important to never stand still.

“The shift to alcohol-free ‘spirits’is frequently referred to as a trend.

“However we prefer to view it as a movement – real consumer-led change that is here to stay for the long term,” she said.

“We are inspired to become innovators and pioneers in this category within the Australian craft beverage industry,” Ms Daly said.

With the primary focus on crafting a product with great flavour, Hellfire worked with food scientist Hazel MacTavish-West who previously developed the range of Hellfire Bluff Distillery gins.

Dr MacTavish-West has a PhD in plant biochemistry and physiology, pertaining to flavour and fragrance production.

“Inspirit is the same but also very different to regular gin,” Dr MacTavish-West said.

“Ruby was clear on what she wanted. We brought the knowledge of London gin to this product.

“I am proud to be part of the development of this nonalcoholic gin alternative,” she said.

Dr MacTavish-West said Tasmanian-grown blackcurrant juice from Richard Clark’s Westerway Raspberry Farm had been used to make the alcohol-free product.

“Using Tasmanian fruits gives a fruit balance along with mixing with Sezchuan pepper and the Tasmanian Tonic Company’s Lily Pilly Tonic,” she said.

Hellfire distiller Harry Harris said the new drink was all about balance and texture.

Ms Daly said she was excited to launch the local product to the growing base of consumers looking for premium alcoholfree alternatives.

“We love crafting innovative products as is evident in our signature potato vodka, which is one of the very few of its kind made in Australia.

“We have been passionate about developing Inspirit

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