Grandad’s record deal

A POLL Dorset stud at Whitemore notched a world record price of $41,000 for one of its rams in an AuctionPlus online auction.

Andrew and Caroline McLauchlan, along with their two sons, Beau and Oscar, run their 750ha Valma Stud with Poll Hereford, Poll Dorset and White Suffolk at Whitemore near Carrick.

“Poll Dorsets are an Australian breed, making it an Australian record and that flows to a world record,” Andrew said.
“We are over the moon. It’s a tremendous result, still pinching ourselves.” Their previous high was $25,800.
“To top that price is amazing.”

They sold the 15-month old ram – named Lyell after Andrew’s grandfather – to two central-west New South Wales stud farms.

The ram was jointly purchased by Kinellar Stud from Canowindra and Goorama Stud in Galong.

“We used him as a young ram and he already has more than 110 lambs on the ground.
“Seeing the ram’s progeny helped the buyers in their decision,” Andrew said.
“The buyer bought the ram because of his superior genetics to breed in their flock. “It’s a tremendous result and shows other people want the genetics from our stud.”

Andrew said he thought Poll Dorsett have really good growth rates and carcass traits that a lot of people really like, they produce a high quality early finishing lamb and high yielding lamb.

“Our continued success over so many years is a result of clients making money out of their Valma purchases.
“Our breeding program is very commercially orientated, we strive for easy care, high yielding stock, that will perform under all conditions.
“Valma Poll Dorsets are widely recognised for their excellent balance in trait performance, with special emphasis on muscle and early maturity.”

One of the foundation breeders was Andrew’s grandfather Lyell Stuart, of Valmont.

“So we named the ram after my grandfather.” Andrew said:
“It’s a very good time to be involved in agriculture.
“We’re coming up to our 60th anniversary on property sale next year, we are planning to celebrate with a barbecue and invite our clients we’ve had over the many years.”

This year they will have 270 rams on offer at on-farm sale on November 18.

Offering Poll Dorsett, White Suffolk and White Charollais x-rams. Valma Stud also has about 20 Poll Hereford bulls, which they sell privately.

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