Bruno’s record round up

THE Pandara Kelpie Stud at Exeter had a day to remember when one of their dogs set a Tasmanian record selling for $27,000 at the Lucindale working dog auction.

Matthew and Margie Johnson offered at Lot 8 a good all-round farm dog Pandara Bruno.

Little did they realise the price paid for Bruno would exceed their wildest expectations.

“The kelpies are our life, they are part of the family. We breed them, raise them, we train them and spend a lot of time with our dogs.
It’s unimaginable he would sell at this price,” Mrs Johnson said.
“I started crying when he reached $12,000.”

The Johnsons with their four children run Pandara Kelpie Stud at Exeter with 20 kelpies including puppies.

Six to eight dogs are in the work team.

“Due to Covid we were unable to make the trip across the water, but the setup looked amazing, so looking forward to next year’s auction,” Mr Johnson said.
“I just wish we were there to properly demonstrate Bruno because, as much as $27,000 is a lot of money, there was a good chance he could have made more through a live demonstration.”

Lucindale, in the southeast of South Australia is a heavily populated sheep and cattle farming district.

“We thank Elders and AuctionsPlus for the sale,” Mr Johnson said.
“Bruno is a good all-round farm dog with free bark on command.

A tough yard, shed and truck dog, free backer.
“Wears a muzzle in the yards. Medium cast with strong heading ability. Has eye and good cover.”

Bruno is a younger brother to Pandara Moss, sold at Jerilderie dog auction 2021 for almost $16,000 which set a previous Tasmanian record.

“Another dog we sold, Tom, at Casterton in 2012 for $12,000, which was an Australian record at the time.”

Bruno’s auction video highlighted his ability, strength and poise.

“According to auction talk he was rated one of the top picks for his strength on cattle and sheep,” Mr Johnson said.
“The buyer said he’s a super dog, the real deal and he has bought a lot of dogs which haven’t fitted the bill.
“Good dogs are hard to find. So that’s obviously what pushes the prices up. But the best part for us is that we bred him. We’ve got his brother at home, called Sako.”

Bruno has a litter of six pups only weeks old. He has another pup six months old.

“There are four generations of dog in Bruno’s progeny. We maintain bloodlines for 30 years. “I am really sorry to see him go.
“Kelpies are a tough versatile all-round dog, when the chips are down, they really put in. They will die for you.
“I have been dealing with kelpies since I was a young lad. I had my first kelpie when I was about 15 years old.”

Pandara Kelpies are demonstrating their kelpies at Hobart and Westbury shows this year.

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