Event crowd review pledge

PREMIER Peter Gutwein has pledged to review event crowd capacities in the new year.

Mr Gutwein said current restrictions, including the controversial 5000-person limit on Agfest, would be reassessed after the borders had been opened.

“I know there are people who would like to see large, free-moving events such as Agfest given the green light.

“We will keep people safe, it’s always under review, but we will get through this transition phase first,” he said.

“We want to see at what rate Coronavirus will enter our state,” Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch said.
“There are two considerations, how high we get in vaccinations, and how we go with the transition – it could be one month, it could be two.”

A lift of restrictions would come as an enormous relief to many in the events industry and may lead to rescheduling of events such as Agfest, which has been delayed until August 2022.

However, there is concern that if a decision is not made soon, particularly regarding Agfest, businesses would be left at a major disadvantage.

Farmer Peter Hazell of York Plains said Agfest was vital to farmers to inspect and make decisions on machinery and other products that kept the industry productive.”

“I urge the Government to get it’s priorities right and support Tasmania’s most important economic driver, our new ‘Natural Resources’ and allow Agfest to go ahead,” he said.

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