Formula for success gains top award

LONGFORD farmer Dooley Crighton-Bellamy has been inducted into the Australian Organic Hall of Fame, at Australian Organic Limited’s seventh annual industry awards.

Ms Crighton-Bellamy founded Bellamy’s Organic in the 1990s, developing recipes in her home kitchen on their 300-acre farm in Longford.

Since then, the respected brand has gone on to become one of the most recognisable infant formula and food brands in the country, with health-conscious parents flocking to the certified organic, synthetic chemical-free products.

The prestigious awards, celebrated in a virtual ceremony, recognise excellence in the nation’s rapidly growing $2 billion plus organic sector.

Ms Crighton-Bellamy, a mother of four, also co-founded organic tea and wellness company Storm + India and is widely recognised as a leader in the Australian and New Zealand organic food and beverage industry.

“I am passionate about organics, sustainable farming and creating delicious products for babies, children, young people and mothers that support daily wellness and gut and mood health,” Ms Crighton-Bellamy said.
“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame means the world to me.

I have spent half my life in the organic industry dedicated to creating pure, nutritious products and making organics mainstream and available for parents and babies.”

Ms Crighton-Bellamy, who was also a finalist in the Trailblazer of the Year category, said she pioneered the organic baby food market in Australia because of a genuine passion for creating a better and healthier future for the next generation.

“After 35 years in organics, I can’t see myself working in any other industry or with any focus other than organics and wellness.”

Australian Organic Ltd chief executive officer Niki Ford said Ms Crighton-Bellamy was an inspiration to the organic sector.

“Dooley is a true innovator, starting Bellamy’s Organic in 1990 when she was unable to find an Australian organic baby food option for her baby daughter Storm,” Ms Ford said.

“She has also strongly advocated for sustainable packaging, organic farming and is passionate about plant-based nutrition, gut health, mood and mental health for women, young people and children.”

Ms Crighton-Bellamy said establishing a certified organic business was not easy, as it was a relatively new concept when she started producing formula and baby food.

But she said her perseverance has paid off.

“The demand for certified organic products is on the rise,” she said. Nine million Australian households purchased organic in 2020.
“Consumers are educating themselves on not only the health benefits of organic, but also the environmental, sustainability and animal welfare impacts.
“It is very humbling to be recognised for my life-long dream.”

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