Emily’s career a shear delight

SHEARER Emily Spencer loves her career in the wool shed and just before Christmas shorn more than 100 sheep in a day.

Emily attended the Malahide Shearing School last year and her career has blossomed since.

“I was stoked to shear the 100 sheep, it was amazing,” she said.

Emily, 18, from Perth in northern Tasmania, loves the industry and recommends shearing to other women.

“It’s a great industry with wonderful people and the pay is amazing. I am lucky I work with Steve Stacey’s team. I am really happy.
“I started doing pet jobs, trimming people’s pets, then became a wool shed roustabout and did my course to become a shearer.

“I come from a family of shearers, my dad and grandfather are all shearers.”

Recently Emily out-crutched two blokes crutching big heavy composite ewes.

“That was awesome I did more than 400.”

Primary Employers Tasmania announced that applications are open for the next introductory shearing and wool handling school to be held at Beaufront at Ross from February 21-25.

This is an introductory course and no previous experience is necessary.

For those already in the wool industry a paid improver shearing and wool handling school will be held February 28 to March 4, Beaufront at Ross.

The training course is intended for those already working in the industry and have experience shearing.

Limited spots available with the training delivered by AWI.

For the application form please go to PET’s webpage or contact Locky West on 0400 865631.

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