Liam’s a vet on the go

A NEW mobile vet has landed in the Derwent Valley, with the means to service the pets and stock of the region, as well as the greater south of the state.

Dr Liam Ockerby, the newest member of the Vet in the Valley team, recently moved into New Norfolk from the north of the state to be with his partner, Georgia.

The couple are set to have a significant presence in the wellbeing of livestock in the region, with Georgia’s role as a stock agent for Nutrien dovetailing nicely with Liam’s.

Liam, originally from the North-West coast, graduated from James Cook University in Queensland before cutting his teeth as the mixed-practice Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic.

He has been educated in equine dentistry, small animal behaviour and small animal ultrasonography, while also having experience in dairy and beef cattle breeding.

Liam also has a special interest in canine behaviour and puppy schools, something he is looking to eventually bring to the Valley.

“I’m based out of New Norfolk, so a lot of my clients will be in this area, but we’ve had days that take us up to Ouse, Hamilton and Bothwell, as well as over to Oatlands and towards Sorell, so we’re covering a lot of ground,” Liam said.
“It’s certainly a beautiful part of the world,” he said.
“But I’m excited to get to know the area, and work with new people and new animals.”

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