Say cheese please to Aussie Reds

RED Cow Organics, which makes artisan cheese, gets its name from the breed of cows on the family dairy farm at Oldina, near Wynyard in the North-West.

Red Cow Organics is an innovative family-operated business with the cheese-making operation getting its name from the gentle-natured Aussie Red Cows, which have been in the family for over two decades.

At the pinnacle of the drought in northern Victoria, Andy and Matt Jackman made the life-changing decision to pack up their suitcases and dairy herd and move to the high-rainfall area at Oldina where they bought their 155ha farm.

“Our Aussie Red cows are bred for Australian conditions where our cows thrive on our farm. We are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices,” Andy said.

“Our cows and calves stay together. We use regenerative farming techniques and the soil is integral to our farm.”

Only organic inputs and organic practices are allowed to be used on the certified organic farm.

“After shifting from conventional to biological farming in 2010 we made the commitment to care for our soil using only biodynamic preparations and organic practices.

“These include using natural applications of fermented composted teas, fish, sea weeds and humates on to our soils. We also recycle all farm nutrients on to our pastures to make sure we grow nutritious, healthy and vigorous grasses and herb.”

Matt is a fourth-generation dairy farmer and said the Aussie Red cattle are well-suited to Tasmania.

“We are busy on the farm and with the cheese, but we are loving it,” Andy said.

With the support of Seedlab Tasmania the cheeses now sell in Woolworths stores throughout Tasmania and 28 stores in NSW, plus independent stores.

More about Red Cow Organics visit: www.