Keep on keeping on

AT 92 years of age Longford farmer Jack Spencer has seen a lot of change.

He’s been farming on the same property for 74 years. And while technology and demands may have changed, Jack’s affection for his life on the land hasn’t.

Over the years, Jack has predominantly run sheep for wool, having well over
1000 head during his busiest days, when he would sell wool and meat. Jack is extremely proud that his 100 hectare property is devoid of any weeds or thistles, having been hand-pulled over the years by his trusty thistle hoe-cum-walking stick.

Jack has also been extremely kind to his machinery and he still has his original shearing machine, as well as his 1966 International tractor, which he drives around his sheep every morning.

While the years may have started to take their toll, Jack is determined to stay on the farm for as long as possible. He also says he is fortunate to have the support of family to help run the property.