Abattoir adds to local push

THE Tasmanian Agricultural Company has bought the Claude Road abattoir near Sheffield as part of a plan to take full control of its supply chain.

The new business, The Local Meat Co, is now operating and provides Tas Ag Co, as well as local farmers, butchers and food service, access to the processing facility that includes an upgraded boning room.

Sam and Stephanie Trethewey said they had invested in a range of new equipment that would enable them to produce the highest quality product for the processing of beef, sheep and pigs.

Over time, the pair plan to integrate technology and carcass data reporting for customers. The Claude Road facility is one of only a few abattoirs that offer service-kills for local brands and producers in Tasmania.

The Tretheweys said ensuring the long-term viability of such facilities was critical. “We believe the future of food lies in returning to a decentralised system with transparency and ethics at the core,” Mr Trethewey said.

“The reality is consumers want more integrity in their supply chain, and you’ve only got to look at recent events surrounding big food companies to see that.”

It’s been less than three years since Tas Ag Co began operations, producing regenerative Wagyu cross beef. Over that time, Sam and Steph have grown
their business rapidly. “We now have three properties under management and a small team of young, passionate people.

“Since launching our beef to market last year, Tas Ag Co has been met with insatiable demand from around the country and investing in the abattoir gives us an opportunity to finally service those markets,” Mrs Trethewey said.

“This is an amazing opportunity to put our money where our mouth is.” Emma Wills is the co-owner of boutique butchery Meat Mistress in Hobart’s Sandy Bay that has been selling out of Tas Ag Co’s beef since it partnered with the brand last year.

“Having access to a consistent and high-quality Tasmanian beef product which we can trace the supply chain from farm, to abattoir, to the shop is paramount for us,” Ms Mills said.