Hands-on in the dairy

NORTH-West Coast students have access to hands-on agricultural experience in a contemporary physical environment after the completion of a $3 million upgrade of Sheffield School Farm.

The 2018 State election pledge upgrade provides students with a new dairy, shed, multipurpose learning building, extensive irrigation system and other contemporary agricultural modern facilities.

Sheffield School Farm operates a commercial dairy that provides learners with hands-on, real world experience with commercial farm operations, providing an invaluable learning environment for those students considering a career in the primary industries.

Education Minister Roger Jaensch said together with Hagley Farm and the Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm in the south, Sheffield School Farm provided a regional hub for agricultural studies, catering to students from across the state.

“Our Government has invested significantly in new infrastructure to support agricultural learning, in recognition of the importance of supporting our learners and providing pathways into one of Tasmania’s most critical industries,” Mr Jaensch said.

“In addition to the $3 million upgrade of the Sheffield School Farm, our Government is also delivering a $4.3 million redevelopment of Jordan River Learning Federation School Farm in Brighton, which is also nearing completion