Elgaar’s cheese to please

ELGAAR Farm has been awarded First Prize for “Best Australian Cheese” at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, United Kingdom.

The International Cheese Awards event in the UK is the number one cheese and dairy show in the world, attracting more than 5500 entries from more than 30 countries every year, including dozens from Australia’s best manufacturers.

Elgaar Farm is a small family-owned producer of organic dairy products located in the foothills of the Great Western Tiers in Northern Tasmania. Award-winning dairy products are hand crafted in the traditional European-style cheesery located on the farm.

Co-owner and founder of Elgaar Farm, Josef Gretschmann, said he was delighted with the result, which was a testament to the hard work, dedication and high standards of the team at Elgaar Farm.

The trophy for “Best Australian Cheese” was awarded to Elgaar Farm’s “Normadie” cheese. “Our Normadie is a washed rind style that really pays tribute to the cheeses first produced by monks in the heart of the Normandy region in France, but is crafted with our unique Tasmanian character,” cheesemaker at Elgaar Farm Richard Gretschmann said.

Mr Gretschmann said he was thrilled that in addition to the First Prize for “Best Australian Cheese”, Elgaar Farm had also been awarded a silver medal for Scamorza Affumicata (a wood smoked stretched curd cheese) in further recognition of the excellence of the cheeses produced by Elgaar Farm.

Elgaar Farm’s milk, cream and yoghurt are made fresh each week and packaged in returnable glass jars and bottles, while the cheeses are crafted from fresh milk and carefully tended and matured in a basalt underground cellar.

All products, including the “Best Australian Cheese” trophy winning Normandie, are available at the Launceston and Hobart Farmers Markets as well as in select Tasmanian retailers and award-winning restaurants.