Agfest ‘23 back to three days in May

ORGANISERS have confirmed that Agfest will return to its traditional three-day format next year, running from May 4-6. Agfest week officially came to an end for 2022 with the closure of the “Agfest in the Clouds” online marketplace last week.

The 40th anniversary Agfest attracted 50,000 people over the extended four-days and innumerably more visiting the online sales site in the aftermath of the event. Mud was the instigator of the bigger challenges the Agfest 2022 team confronted this year, more so than any usual year at Quercus Park. Sodden ground in the patron carparks made for some serious logistical re-work over the first few days of the event, eventually culminating in the closure of ticket sales for the final day as a safety call. Rural Youth and Agfest staff had been battling the bog since the gates first opened.

Agfest Chair Caine Evans praised the efforts made by his team to overcome the challenges. “Every Agfest throws in its challenges which are all different,” Mr Evans said. “As I watched the Quercus Park site getting packed down for another year I found myself feeling both humble and thankful to all who played a part in making Agfest 2022 such a success. This event has been the culmination of 21/2 years of uncertainty as we worked our way through changing circumstances and restrictions. “I want to thank the thousands of patrons that enjoyed the great weather (and braved our carparks) to pass through our gates and experience the Agfest magic.

“To all our exhibitors and sponsors, thank you for your commitment to Agfest and Rural Youth Tasmania, your support is humbling. “The Agfest team continue to work tirelessly to provide you with the opportunity to showcase what you have to offer to the Tasmanian community.”

Mr Evans also took the opportunity to thank the resilience and strength shown by the Agfest committee, staff and volunteers.