Powranna saleyard fees set to increase

TLX has announced they will be significantly raising usages prices for vendors at their Powranna site later this year. The changes to the new pricing structure will consist of a blanket increase in yard fees for selling parties, administration charges for purchasing parties and significant charges for NLIS tagging to vendors, among other costs.

A price list provided to Tasmanian Country by a third party shows yard fees have seen the most significant increase, with costs to vendors increasing by $1 per head for cattle under $1000, $3 per head for cattle between $1001 and $1500 and $5 per head for cattle priced over $1500.

Yard fees for bulls have increased by $4 per head and sheep by 25c per head. A new charge of $1.20 per head for both prime and store cattle will be paid by buyers on top of existing agistment fees as an ‘admin and delivery fee.’

A significant new cost to selling parties is the fee associated with NLIS tagging, with $50 per head for bulls and $35 per head for cattle. Private sheep weighing will now incur a charge of 50c per head. Fees have also increased to agency’s using the TLX site, including increased charges for transit cattle sales and new charges for prime and store sales, as well as agent turnover fees.

In a statement provided to Tasmanian Country separate to the new pricing, TLX manager Andrew Palmer said an updated fee structure will reflect “commitment to continual improvement to their site and service”. “This will ensure TLX remains a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology and digital systems to improve safety, biosecurity and traceability outcomes for everyone across the supply chain,” Mr Palmer said. “Since 2020 TLX has held fees flat to ensure a smooth transition to the new single-selling centre model for Tasmanian producers,” Mr Palmer’s statement continued.

“During this period we have invested up to $600,000 in capital works to improve the facility with the extension of the sheep yards, installation of new scanners in the cattle yards and new steel work in the cattle yards to improve safety when drafting stock”

“There are further plans to invest in more improvements and technology upgrades to the site over the coming years.”

The fee changes will take effect from December 5 this year and will supposedly bring the fees in line with other major selling centres across Australia.