Your Daly helping of spuds

DALY Potatoes are once again finding uses for their typically rejected secondary potatoes with a new food line hitting Woolworths shelves nationwide this month.

Their mashed potato and gravy offerings have been rolled out across Queensland and Tasmania as trials from the beginning of September, with potential to go nationwide. Daly Potato Company founder Susie Daly said the new product is another step in getting the most out of their farms produce from each season. “As farmers we knew we need to utilise our whole crop,” Ms Daly said.

“People look for perfection when they’re shopping for their produce without even realising it. “Shoppers look for blemishes or want food of specific sizes to suit their specific needs, farmers are actually up against it a little bit. “This business was created because not every potato is fit for supermarket specification, we created our products as a way to utilise our second-grade or ‘out-of-spec’ potatoes. “We are big supporters of utilising the whole of crops and not having any waste. That’s how it’s going to be for farmers in the future. We need to find ways to utilise waste, especially with seasons like these with the weather impacting us with unpredictable rains.”

Pure Foods Tasmania’s Tim Kroustalis said a successful trial will likely see a massive increase in produce going through the Daly potato facility. “Currently there’s around 1.3 tonne of potato going through the Daly facility per week through the lines like potato salads and roast veggies. “If the trials in Tasmania and Queensland go well and the potato and gravy goes national, we’ll be pushing well beyond 10 tonnes per week.”

The product will be sold in the Woolworths bain-maries alongside the roasted chickens, pork and lamb.