Classic Holden drawcard

A PAIR of classic Holdens are likely to attract the attention of motoring enthusiasts from around Tasmania and even Australia at the Morton Hill Farm clearance sale tomorrow.

Owned by Ruth Paterson, who with her husband Philip Paterson have farmed Morton Hill for 42 years, it is now time to take a step back, to travel and help their daughters with their own properties.

Ruth has owned both vehicles for over a decade and purchased them as a bit of an investment and a reminder of the cars her family had when she was a child. The daughter of Jack Pern of Perns Steam world fame in Westbury, Ruth said collecting was in her blood but it was now time to downsize. The two Holdens consist of a 1974 HQ Kingswood sedan and a 1965 HD X2 tribute.

The HQ is fitted with the legendary 202 Holden red motor mated up to a Trimatic transmission with column shift and bench seats providing enough sitting capacity for six people and is a lovely period metallic brown. However, it is the HD with its hot 179 motor, column three-speed manual and bucket seats that stirs the passion in Ruth.

“I was driving on the Illawarra Road and these young lads came up behind me and saw a grey-haired old lady in an old Holden, thinking they’d give me a run,” Ruth said. “Anyhow, I pulled onto the highway and put my foot down and I think they got the shock of their life as I shot away.”

Ruth said both vehicles got regular use over the years, often as wedding cars for close friends and neighbours.

“It has been a difficult decision to leave the farm and downsize,” Ruth said. “Phil’s family have been farming in this area since 1912 but it is time to have a bit of life. “Farming is hard, constant and a responsible job.

“We now will have more time to travel and help our two daughters with their properties. “It is the end of an era, but we are very proud to leave this place in better condition than we found it,” Ruth said.

However, Ruth said she wasn’t selling all her collection, with a prized EH Premier with only 48,000 miles since new still lurking in the garage.

The vehicles will be part of the Nutrien Livestock Onsite Auction on Wednesday 25th at 513 Oaks Road and for the first time, online bids will be accepted via the Nutrien Auction Plus website.