Bootcamp’s beeline to get on right track

ONE of Tasmania’s most successful small business mentoring programs is on again with applications now open for the next round of the Seedlab Bootcamp Incubator Program.

Over the last few years, the Seedlab program has played major role in helping many Tasmanian agriculture and food businesses operators achieve their goals.

The free Bootcamp program helps to connects people with a like-minded business community network who are all starting and scaling their businesses and taking their products to the next level. There are also an experienced team of industry experts will support the participants with the knowledge and skills to help the business owners achieve success.

One previous participant is Meg Barber from Barber Bees and Berries who said she could not recommend the program highly enough.

Ms Barber said some of the benefits she got out of participating in the Bootcamp program included learning how to tell their business story, as well as learning simple things she had not thought of previously, like how close a sale. “They tell you a lot of things you don’t know,” she said. “So, they tell you things and you think oh, I haven’t thought of that, and they are things you need to be aware of, but I hadn’t come across yet. I guess it really helped to bridge some of those gaps I would have found down the track but getting on top of it early was really helpful.”

Ms Barber said the program format worked well. “The good thing about it too is once you’re in the program all the learnings and the information is still there, so you can look at it whenever you need to,” she said.

“Also, the contacts you make as well, they’re invaluable and knowing there are people there you can talk to and ask questions of is really helpful.”

Ms Barber said having some outside perspectives on her business was also highly valuable. Barbers Bees and Berries is a new business that so far has focused on bees, honey and selling beeswax products. After starting with one hive, Ms Barber said they now have 26.

The berry side of the business is also now getting underway. Ms Barber said they now aim to plant an area of blueberries and raspberries for a pick your own business on their property at Campbell Town, just off the Midlands Highway. “We thought we’re just in the perfect spot to grab that through traffic so we’re going to capitalise on this,” she said.

Applications for the new Bootcamp program close 5pm at on Wednesday, March 1.

To apply go to

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