All action at auction

CHOOK and duck enthusiasts are in for a treat on Sunday when the Poultry Club of Tasmania holds its annual auction.

Hundreds of top-quality chickens, ducks and even some turkeys are set to be auctioned at the popular event, which will be held at the Longford Showgrounds.

The auction will kick off from 10.30am with viewings of the birds on offer available from 8.30am.

Organiser Damien Whiteley from Elders said most breeds of poultry and waterfowl would be available on the day, with 150 lots or about 300 birds up for sale.

Breeders from across the state will take part in the event, which is one of the state’s biggest poultry auctions.

“All purebred poultry will be there, so it doesn’t matter what sort of chooks or ducks people are after, they should be able to find something,” Mr Whiteley said.

The auction is now a big event and attracts a large crowd each year.

“Generally it’s a big day, even through the Covid period we were a bit sceptical, but people still turned up,” he said.

“If the weather is good, it’s generally a good day out.”

As well as people heading along to buy poultry, Mr Whiteley said a lot of attendees on the day also wanted to get expert advice.

“All the breeders of the poultry will be there, so a lot like to come and talk and see and touch,” he said.

“It generates more sales as the year goes on, because people can talk to the breeders of the birds they like.”

Prices for purebred poultry can vary, but well-bred birds can demand good money, Mr Whiteley said.

“It varies from year to year and some are good and some aren’t as good, but going on averages the nice big pretty chooks, which is what people want to buy, range from $50 to $80,” he said.

“If you get two people that want proper breeding birds, they will get dearer. Some of the bantams are a bit cheaper, but for your average backyard pretty chook that lays eggs they’re in that range.”

Entry is free and food and beverages will be available.