Salmon plan in choppy waters

fresh fish with ice

THE state’s salmon producers have rejected what they call a new levy on the industry in the Tasmanian Salmon Industry Plan 2023 released this week.

Tasmania’s salmon industry is the biggest primary industry sector in the state, contributing $650 million annually to the state’s economy. The new plan requires that aquaculture companies cover the costs of the government managing the industry from July.

Salmon Tasmania chairman Lyall Howard said to impose further levies on the industry would create uncertainty for jobs and future investments in Tasmania. The plan also encourages companies to move their farming operations further offshore and to keep baby fish in enclosed hatcheries for longer, but it falls short of forcing them.

The new plan was informed by multiple rounds of public engagement in 2022 and 2023. Primary Industries and Water Minister Jo Palmer said the new plan would ensure the industry remained sustainable, economically successful, environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and well-managed.

“This vision will be delivered through four priority outcomes which have a focus on sustainable industry, healthy ecosystems, prosperous communities, and contemporary governance,” Mrs Palmer said.

Priority actions implemented through the plan will achieve full cost recovery to Government from industry participants. But Mr Howard said: “The salmon industry’s footprint in lease area only represents 0.14 per cent of Tasmania’s marine estate – the imposition of full cost recovery sets a strong precedent for other industries in Tasmania.

Implementation of the Plan will be delivered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania in collaboration with the independent Environment Protection Authority, associated state government departments and research organisations.

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