A hunting we will go

HUNTING season is in full swing and members of the Northern Hunt Club recently braved the weather to ride at one of Tasmania’s most picturesque properties.

The NHC operates drag hunts on properties across the North during the colder months.

The club recently held a hunt to celebrate Mother’s Day at the Wadley family’s Westfield property near Westbury.

Last weekend the club also held a feature hunt event at the historic Clarendon House to celebrate the club’s 70th birthday.

Members and visitors had  opportunity to ride around the grounds of Clarendon House, which has a long association with horses and hunting and was once a horse stud. The NHC holds hunts almost every weekend from March to September.

During the hunt, the club’s hounds follow an aniseed trail laid down by the drag riders which follows a course that can include jumps such as natural logs.

The hunt is conducted in a series of runs and halfway through the club holds the traditional port stop where they toast to the landowners.

Some of the NHC events also include a trail ride for less experienced riders and horses.

As drag hunting is noncompetitive, it can be enjoyed by all members of the family. To find out more go to the Northern Hunt Club Facebook page.